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SlipSafe NZ is an industry leader in anti-slip treatments and coatings suitable for any area.

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Our industry leading products come with the best warranties for your peace of mind

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Our products can create a slip resistant surface with minimal down time ensuring your business can continue its normal operation

Seamless Aesthetics,
Instant Traction

Our products transform the safety of your floor without compromising aesthetics. Once the applications is complete, your floor is not only safer but maintains its visual appeal.

Our Product Range

SlipStop Treatment

SwissGrip Aqualine Coloured Coating

SwissGrip Transparent Coatings

Pedestrian Tactile Pads

Slips and falls, known for their widespread occurrence, are recognised as among the most common and costly injury incidents globally.

In residential, commercial, and industrial settings, slip-resistant flooring solutions are essential for maintaining health and safety standards.

Prioritising floor safety is a fundamental commitment to the well-being of your loved ones, customers and staff, fostering a secure and comfortable home or business environment.

Proactive floor maintenance and slip-resistant measures are paramount to preventing accidents involving you, your family, or your employees and clients.

Choose SlipSafe NZ for unmatched expertise spanning over four decades. Our commitment to delivering premium-quality anti-slip flooring treatments, solutions, and products ensures a safe environment.

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