Slip testing surfaces can help
commercial property managers and owners
reduce risks of slips and falls.

Having regular scheduled slip compliance tests done is an important part of prevention and risk management for accidents and falls happening in the workplace. We can test for your peace of mind that your flooring meets and maintains the New Zealand standards for slip resistance.

In busy commercial buildings and premises flooring can and will wear over time. The slip rating of the floor can change through wear and tear or incorrect cleaning processes. If your area ‘slips’ below the New Zealand standards we can help you make a plan to keep compliant.

Areas we recommend having a regular slip test
in commercial areas are external and internal
walkways, steps and ramps, entrances, rest rooms,
food courts, lobbys etc.

SlipSafe are certified slip testers that provide
results through testing to New Zealand standards
and guidelines.

We test using either a wet pendulum, or dry friction methods.

The stands we test are

AS/NZS.4663:2004 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces
AS/NZS.4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials