SlipSafe New Zealand – Your leader in Anti-slip
solutions and slip compliance testing

About Us

With years of expertise, rigorous research and development, and our products having a global presence spanning more than 40 countries, we possess both the products and knowledge to effectively address any slip-related surface.

SlipSafe New Zealand ensures top-quality service. Our certified and trained Franchisees are dedicated to visiting your location, applying the appropriate product to remedy your slippery floor.

SlipSafe treatments and coatings are versatile, suitable for any surface. We stand behind the quality of our work, guaranteeing that every floor we treat meets the New Zealand Standards for slip resistance.


Established with a vison for safer environments. SlipSafe embarked on its journey to become the leaders in floor safety solutions.

Our products have been sourced by leading manufacturers across the globe, with proven quality for over 35 years. Our commitment to excelence hasd enables us to establish a New Zealand wide presence working with both leading national and multi-national companies in their respective spaces.

Our team have been on a mission to enhancve floor safety by applying our anti-slip products. Every step we take is grounded in the assurance that every floor we treat meets the stringent New Zealand Standards for slip resistance.

Today, SlipSafe stands as a leader of reliability and innovation, continually evolivng to meet our clients health and safety needs. Our history and reputation is a testament to our commitment to creating safer spaces for everyone, everywhere.

Elevate safety in your space with SlipSafe. Whether its your Home, Busienss, or Indutrial area, SlipSafe has the solution to minimisung slip risks.

Get in touch with us today and one of our experts talk to you about how we can help.


Our product range is suitable for any surface.
Suitable for indoorsand outdoors, including
carparks and industrial areas.

Easy to Clean

Our Anti-slip products are easy to clean and
maintain. Simply clean your floor with our
recommended aftercare cleaners.