Green Cleaner 500ml


The Slipstop Green Cleaner is designed to solve cleaning problems with minimum effort. In response to demand from customers who realize that man power is more expensive than quality cleaning products, we have developed a very effective cleaning product that is easy to use. Just dilute 1;35 with water.

The SlipStop Green Cleaner is a 100% biodegradable cleaner designed to work on many surfaces and other household items, from marble and granite to countertops and tables.

What are its benefits? Highly-effective

With SlipStop Green Cleaner, cleaning doesn’t have to be something the one thing that you hate doing. It’s guaranteed to deliver excellent results without putting in so much effort.

Save time

Spend more time doing things you enjoy and a little less cleaning your home with this specialised floor and surface cleaner.

Lasts up to more than 5 years

When your floor is treated with SlipStop, this cleaner will ensure slip resistance is maintained over our 5-year guarantee period.


This is a trademark product of SlipStop, and we are its direct manufacturer, so costs are always at fr


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